Hemsworth Communications is a top-ranked travel, tourism, hospitality and lifestyle public relations firm with regional, national and global reach. We combine unparalleled passion, insight and connections to wow our clients, providing personal client service and generating powerful results.


While our expertise is diverse, we are collectively passionate about two things – our industry and yours. As seasoned PR pros, we are driven by the need to create fresh, innovative, impactful campaigns. As born globetrotters, we are motivated by our sense of adventure and love of all things travel, tourism and hospitality related.


We have a definite perspective and believe in sharing our insight can help grow your business. The Hemsworth team consistently develops new and engaging ways to set our clients apart. At the end of the day, we are dedicated to creating a real, measurable impact for your business, propelling you to success.


One of the most important things about the team at Hemsworth is the way in which we approach connecting. We are facilitators and relationship-builders. Not only do we pride ourselves on our relationships, but we take pride in the way we put our connections to work for our clients, in order to generate the most impactful results.